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SMS Language Explained

SMS Language Explained

SMS Language Explained

SMS Language also known as Textese for chat-speak, texting language. As mobile phones are so popular and texting is a great way to communicate. SMS has developed over time the Acronyms that are abbreviated. Textese is found not only on phones, but in emails, instant messaging, text rooms, chatting with their friends, popping up in songs, tweets, post etc. Textese is taken on a language of its own.

Our teens have their nose pressed up against their mobile phones all the time. So the knowledge of meanings or at least how to interpret is important.  Study them. Learn them but never use them. Because there is nothing worse than a parent so is trying to fit in.

Social Media and the understanding of the most used Acronyms for little short text speak words. Like OMG and LOL. They are shortened or abbreviation because they are shortened variation of word phrase. Here are 14 examples.

  • RLY -“Really” (is missing the vowels)

  • TL;DR -“Too Long; Didn’t Read“. (long winded)

  • ONW -“Omit Needless Words“ Is the proper response to TL;DR

  • H/T -“Hat Tip or tip of the hat“. Often used as HT the meaning comes from the olden days from the 19 and 20th Wearing hats and tilting the hat in gestor to well done, or good morning. Used for meme, expression or image on social media.

  • LBS – “Laughing But not Serious”

  • IMHO –“In My Humble Opinion”

  • WOC -“Woman of Color “meaning WOC now is implied as stand up against abuses.

  • DWS -“Driving While Suspended“ or “dealing with sh!t”

  • MUA -Makeup Artist“ very popular in the celebrity world

  • SWAG -“Stuff We All Get” meaning Free Promotional or Marketing items.

  • WYD -“What Are You Doing” for “What’s up” or if friend is sad What would You Do”

  • WTP -“What’s The Plan” or “What’s the Play” confirm what’s going on.

  • HMU -“Hit Me Up” meaning to encourage others to reach out to you.  Text me or call me

  • FWB -“Friends With Benefits “meaning Friends that occasionally has casual sex with.

So you can easily see the meaning of the shortened acronyms are important to understand so your message does not get miss understood when engaging in texting conversation.

So you can easily see how Textese has relaxed the user to communicate in a faster way. Some say it’s the new English. Texting is defiantly faster than emails, but can easily loose the reader if not understanding the meanings. Use this tool for more textese meanings.

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Posted by Darlene Ballard

Jan 21, 2019

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