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What is Content Marketing? —What is working now in Content Marketing?


Content discovery is the process of SEO search engine optimization natural rankings in search engines. SEO practitioners say content is King! But that is no longer the case. The content must be in demand, and most importantly, has to be indexed by google. Discovered even before the search engines found it. 

A few will argue that even the greatest of content has to convert into revenue ultimately. 

Growing Business Revenue

Growing the revenue of the business is a tangible outcome of SEO practice. Controlling how many people convert into customers from reading your content is parallel to the effectiveness of your content creators, product team, conversion rate optimization, and the education of your brand. 


Website marketing converts websites into the best salesman,

which works 24/7 as the most effective SEO method.

SEO efforts should focus on creating the highest quality traffic to your website with the most relevant content and let the website do the rest of your work. 


Content Optimization = SEO 

In my 20 years of experience, I am Applying nuances of SEO Optimization of URL structure, Keyword friendly Urls, keyword research, crawl ability,  and the now famous guest post link building to websites to drive the rankings even higher. 

SEO in the past was solely focus on content. There is no better way to get excellent links than acquire them with naturally great content. Incredibly crucial because that is a proven way to get the highest rankings.  

Great content=great search engine rankings

I’ve been a great proponent of combining great content with relevant content that gets relevant traffic and conversions. 

Over time, industry focus shifted from great content to link building, content management, and more link building. Then came the new slew of algorithm changes that changed websites’ built and content management because of algorithm changes like Panda and Penguin.

The Algorithms have done our jobs even better for the industry. A fundamental shift in the marketing industry. In my opinion, good work now gets rewarded. While Google takes websites down that are trying to gain the system unnaturally. 

The old way of traditional search engine optimization has shifted in the industry. 

The New SEO

When you build your SEO content around natural proven best practices in content management, marketing has become more widespread among authors and developers. 

Lots of different products and platforms are developed with SEO in mind. It is developing products or modules that make them search engine friendly. 

Content Promotion

All of these new algorithms are making content writers really up their game. Google can now read better than ever before. They are ranking the best websites that get traffic. Higher in the keyword rankings. 

The bad news is that making better content makes it hard to stand out to influencers. Link building is becoming harder and harder to accomplish. 

Digital PR and Social Media

Digital PR and earned media are more challenging than traditional link building. New link building requires more relationship building, and Influencers in your niche can help get the word out very quickly about your website, business, or products. 

Naturally occurring links

The good news is that great content is making a comeback in the industry.  Naturally occurring content and links require more in-depth research before you start to create content. 

The most important and compelling content development to identify content that is in demand from your target audience. That makes your content creation efforts effective in reaching your target audience. 

In Conclusion

Digital Max has found great success with the new efforts with lots of communication, building stronger relationships, and reporting changes. Begin optimizing how your content discovered is the key. Then working closely with these content development teams is paramount to your success. And remember, start to look at your content marketing, social media, and PR teams today.

What is Content Marketing? —What is working now in Content Marketing?


Website marketing converts websites into the best salesman, which works 24/7 as the most effective SEO method.

Content is what sets the websites apart and reflects in the placement of your website ranking. Different factors go into why one website ranks higher than another.

By looking at several factors to see why—Special tools allow marketing companies to look at the competitions on-page and off-page ranking factors.

For example, your website:Content Marketing

—Content on your service or product website pages optimized

—Blog pages that keep the readers on your website and sharing articles.

— Social Media Engagement Articles

—Facebook Live

—Podcast with guest to talk up your business.

Grow your business website with the growth rate of your business.

The interaction with customers ways to connect is growing every day. The content marketing of your business has to grow with your business. No longer can you build a website and hope you will be found. The competition can be fierce, with new businesses starting every day.

Content Discovery 

Discover your competitor’s keywords that rank them to the top websites on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you constantly bridge the gap between your competitor’s keyword and with strategic placement of the keywords. 

Your site will organically catch up and surpass the competition. This is a google placement that is earned. Doing anything that will not be natural will undoubtedly be noticed in time by Google, and they will punish your website with horrible rankings. Your site will have to gain Google’s trust through great customer service. 

Content Research

Content research for the correct keywords that fit into the strategy to gain google rankings. Strategic planning of website pages, website blog articles with the keywords that your perfect customer is searching for. They are looking for your services or products. But if they can not find you, the business will go to a competitor. That is why there is no time to waste in building a money-making website. 

Monitoring  Competitors

Monitoring your competitors for on-page and off-page growth is essential for your growth to the top. What is working for them can work for you too. SEO will keep your site at the top of Google pages. By monitoring the new keywords on blogs and other content that ranks websites. 

Keyword Research


Keyword Research

marketing strategies content marketing

Content Marketing

writer illustration 05 content marketing

Website Audit

writer illustration 09 content marketing

Graphic Design

writer illustration 06 content marketing

Social Media Marketing

Your Perfect Customer is out There

We just have to get more impressions of your website content, to start letting the brand get noticed. The more impressions the more chances for your website to be selected to be viewed by the customer. 

Content marketing uses the podcast, video, blogs, social media sites as an instrument.


Development strategy is important

Website engagement is so important and offering not only to contain text but images, and videos.

Engaging the customer to really be interested in what you have to offer. If the customer says to himself that is exactly what I need.

He says to himself “yes”, they are the ones who can deliver what I need. So you can see why you have “just a few seconds” to convince the reader you are what they need in a sea of other websites trying to market to them as well. 


Producing a magnetic headline, to grab the audience.

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The reason you found us because of SEO. We specialize in creating full service content Marketing Campaigns. With one objective in mind with organic search.  “To get Higher Rankings”  We create Media Outreach. Content creation, and SEO supercharged websites. We monitor the performance of SEO, ads, keywords and offers, allowing us to see which strategies generate the most qualified traffic and pursue them more aggressively.
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Paid Digital Marketing

  What is Paid Per Click ADvertising? PPC- Paid Per Click. Search Enging Marketing. This form of advertising is where advertisers pay for each time their ads are clicked. The Keywords in the ads is how the ads are offerd up to the consumer.

Social Networks

Social Media Marketing SMM- Nowdays Marketing on one of the social media platforms is quite popular. Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest etc. Creating a campagne to attract the right customer is easier than ever. Knowing your target audiance is essential for eliminating the ads spend to the wrong audiance.

Niche Networks

In additon there niche networks, forumd, dynamic blog groups and the places where discussion groups that have a 2 way conversation. Distrubition, Creation and Sharing  of well targeted content is the base of successful SMM campaigns.  

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