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Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you new to Pay Per Click Advertising and want to take it for a test drive? Whether you want to increase leads, secure direct product sales, or just create better brand awareness, Pay Per Click optimization will bring you immediate results. PPC is our passion, we guarantee you’ll see results.


Digital Advertising Agencies
These agencies have a primary focus on all things digital. They develop websites, apps, online campaigns, and anything else considered “digital advertising.” While they can also produce print, radio, and even TV, their day-to-day operation is all about digital.

If you are starting in internet marketing, you already know it can be difficult to decide which strategies and online tactics will deliver the best results.

Digital Max specializes in the PPC (Pay Per Click)  – sometimes called CPC (Cost Per Click). So what is Pay Per Click?  PPC is the digital marketing platform that produces direct internet traffic to a specific website, once the user clicks on the PPC ad, the advertiser will pay the publisher the agreed amount for that click.

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How PPC works

The idea behind PPC advertising is the website host (publisher) gets paid a fee for displaying an advertisement on their website and then the advertiser pays to point the clicks (aka traffic) to a website or landing page of their choosing.

The advertiser’s goal is to convert the visitor by getting them to perform an action such as making a phone call, fill out a lead form or make a purchase. If PPC sounds like an advertising model that your business would  like to implement then what are you waiting for, try it out for yourself by signing up with Optimize Reach today

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Pay Per Click Advertising Account Setups

PPC Maintenance & Optimizations

If you have already implemented PPC and want a fresh set of eyes on your campaigns, we would be happy to help! We can perform a free pay per click review and audit of your current campaigns and account. We enjoy optimizing campaigns and improving PPC accounts.

PPC optimizations and maintenance is provided to ensure you are always receiving maximum ROI and staying ahead of your competition. When you work with us we guarantee you will see better results. Kick back and relax as the sales roll in, while our We perform a detailed website audit and ensure everything is fully optimized and in sync with your PPC campaigns to maximize conversions.


Google Shopping Ads

For an almost immediate and cost effective sales spike we can strategically place your products directly in Google’s search results via Google Shopping Ads.

PPC Landing Pages

We build and host landing pages specifically designed for your PPC campaign objectives to increase conversions, and your bottom line.
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Social Media PPC

We will design and execute effective Social PPC campaigns using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest, depending on where your target audience spends their time.
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PPC Law Lead Generation

Are you an attorney looking for more business? We create legal specific ads that target customers who have the highest potential for needing lead services for intentional, negligence, and strict liability tort cases.
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PPC Website Optimization

We perform a detailed website audit and ensure everything is fully optimized and in sync with your PPC campaigns to maximize conversions.
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Pay Per Click Campaign Audits

We deliver monthly custom reports that detail audits finding to ensure your pay per click campaign is still performing at optimal levels.
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Mobile and Display PPC

We offer pay per click campaigns that have been specifically designed and optimized to convert customers on mobile devices, pair this with banner ads for thousands of related websites across the web and you have a mobile recipe for sales.
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Pay Per Click Management

We’ll analyze your pay per click campaigns and make sure they’re working to provide you with the returns you want.

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