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SEO Services- Search Engine Optimization

Why is SEO Services Needed? All businesses are needing to be optimized for business so your customers searching for your business will find you. Your website will come up with all your competition for that keyword. SEO optimization is organic growth to the top pages of google, bing, and other search engines. SEO is done differently for local and national businesses.

What is the difference in SEO Optimization for National and Local businesses?

National businesses – Businesses that have several businesses all over the county are considered to be a national SEO account.

Local SEO – A business of brick and mortar is a business or store that is a physical location. Like your neighborhood grocery store in your geographic area.

Multiple Local SEO – Your dentist has several locations around town to the businesses that have a service area like your plumber or your house cleaning company.

SEO is everything from claiming your business listing to assure your business shows up on local search platforms such as Google (Citation management) and also in directories. Managing online reviews and ratings, claiming your Social Media Branding and engagement.


SEO is Not a One Size Fits All

Customized SEO

SEO for every business niche is different for both local Seo Services and National SEO services because of the competition in your niche.

Every city is different as well. Depends on the competition in the city. Going after your competition is very complex with all the different elements that come into play. Having the proper tools to help you see how your competition’s site is built and the inbound and outbound links, play a big part.  So you can see that SEO is an ongoing service that is highly customizable for your niche and city. 

Local SEO
Social Media Marketing

Building an Authority Site

Authority Businesses are the first page of Google. A hard task to achieve. You can not relax your efforts. It’s important to know what the SEO efforts that went into getting your website to the top of Google, your SEO efforts must keep up the good work to stay an Authority website on the top of all those websites.

Strategic Planning is the Key

Your strategic planning of on-page content, off-page, on-page, and social signals, Keyword placement. Keyword Gaps, Competition Keywords, Articles of what’s new in your niche. All come into play like an orchestra playing a popular song. 


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