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Tim Anderson

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do some research on your website. Here are my findings on your Website Issues.

Why your site is not visible.

Beautiful site, Set up is visually pleasing. Google is having a problem understanding your website for several reasons.

Technical is all really important to Google, But I can easily fix these issues.

Technical issues.

Blogs: Wonderful blogs, Funny and draws the reader to want more.

I see the titles are not helping the SEO of your website. The titles need a keyword that you’re trying to improve your site to give higher rankings to your website to attract more business.

As your site is ranking for only these 3 pages.

1. bracketing appraisal – this is a great keyword

2. Naked on the porch- and naked accordion – Cute blog but not helping the ranking in your niche.

3. Micky mouse and Dinosaurs – your ranking among videos of mickey mouse and dinosaur children videos.

dinosaurs 1

The example directly to the left is the only one of your  3 pages are ranking. Of organic search positions is what your are ranking your blog  for whist dinosaurs a wizard mickey mouse and some old broom. Its a great article but time spent did not result in helping your site to rank. 




Keywords in the title and sprinkled in your articles are ideal for google. 

We can work together in your efforts with blogging to attract your perfect customer. Improving the structure so google will know how to offer up you website pages and blogs to help your customer find you. 


 -Add more content to the main pages of the website to increase word count to be more than the competition.

Pages- Keywords

Pages have no clear keywords found and the meta tag is empty for each page.

Heading Structures
There are errors in the heading structures. The hyperlink ratio is needing correction and internal links as well.

External links
The external linking ratio is off with no link juice coming into your site,

Images Alt attribute some images are missing attributes. I always take the time to link every picture of yours to you so Google knows it’s your picture. Or give the person who owns the picture credit for it.

No Social interactions. Vital for nationwide exposure. You never know how someone is reaching out to you.
Google Plus:n.a.


The Appraisers Advicate report of keyword overview scaled

The image above shows your just not getting any traction yet. 

schema review of site tim Anderson

This needs to be Tim instead of “time”

Your site: to see your pages indexed by google

I found lots of archived pages that are not indexed by Google anymore. They should be seen by google so they can be searchable by google so you can get more traffic with those search terms.

One of the first things I will do is to make these pages artiles indexable by google. 



appraiser coach analysis scaled

Competitor #1

theappraise coach traffic 6 months graph scaled

Organic Growth since started. 

voice of growth scaled

This site Voice of has lots of issues. but they were ranking until last month. The recent down climb is interesting. Google did a google update on an algorithm.

voice last month scaled


Where do we go from here?

Our Approach and Strategy

Successful SEO strategy is all about building a company’s online presence.

First, we audit your website and SEO tactics to come up with a strategy that will address your technical issues on the site and determine the keywords and plan of what we need to do to improve upon your website.

During the audit, we will be looking at the following.

Strategy and Analysis

First, we determine how your website is currently ranked. This is done by searching for keywords that are associated with your business and compare to the competition.

See where google is placing your site and make adjustments to gain even more traffic.

Indexing and Accessibility

To be visible in search results, Google needs to your site. Google has google bots that crawl the web and index your website with the content on your site. Link structure and coding features like alt tags for images etc.

Ranking Factors

Once we determine that Google is indexing your site correctly, Then we can move on to working on improving those rankings.

Different factors go into this process, like content making sure it’s relevant to the keywords to rank for, such as link structures on and off-page with relevant content—no duplication of content on multiple sites etc.

Competitive Analysis

Once the website audit’s finished, we move on to the competitive audit review to compare content and other SEO factors against those of your competitors.

This information will help develop a strategy needed for deliverable items. To implement on your website. Improve and rank to move visitors to your site.

Implementation Timeline

To accomplish the above task properly and ensure that we have the best results, we ask for six weeks.

Here is a more detailed description of what we do in our deliverables.

  • Website Audit
    • Accessibility and Indexing
  • Keyword research
    • Analytics and Keywords
  • Competitors research (more in-depth than this one)
    • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Strategy

The whole process will take 4 to 6 months to see progress. We then turn our effort into adding in the link strategy to boost your site even further.

What we do to gain rankings will have to keep up to stay ahead of the competition.

Call me so we can go over this together. 561-427-199

Thanks Again! Darlene


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